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Benefiting Business Users Worldwide

Conveyor Services are a leading experts in Conveyor Systems intergaration. Specialising in Installation and small manufacturing of  material handling equipment. This ranges from conveyor belts to vehicle loading systems. This is undertaking mechanical, electrical and software management.

With a wealth of experience across a number industries, utilising our key suppliers who manufacturer machinery and software, we offer a flexible and cost efficient solution to our clients' needs.

We work closely with integrators on a wide variety of projects as well as directly for manufacturers and end users.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Installation: Mechanical and electrical installation of material handling systems.
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Servicing: 24/7 maintenance and servicing of material handling equipment and operating systems.

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Software: Software support for material handling systems including PLC design, programming and logistics flow.

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Refurbishment: Restore and upgrade existing material handling machinery to ‘as new’ standards, saving clients’ time and money.

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