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Meet the Team

Stephen Hamilton, Managing Director

A career based on over 13 years experience in a variety of environments has provided Stephen the skills in communication, problem solving and leadership to support strategic direction in a cost effective process. He is not only recognised for efficient and accurate management control methods but also his consistent history of managing undertakings and details to get results. Working from both behind the tools and the desk has allowed Stephen to develop an understanding of the different aspects to the industry, therefore he delivers high motivation to create effective performances from all staff. Also, Stephen has demonstrated a record of achievement in management and responsibility, for example; designing and managing large installations at all major Airport Cargo Centres.

Paul Moulton, Projects Installation Manager

The combination of gaining over 27 years experience in the mechanical engineering industry and working for many European companies, Paul has been able to develop his skills and apply them to any size project with efficiency. Paul's main focus is to grow the business taking the customer requirements into account. His ability to institute creative improvements results in a more efficient management of workflow and allows him to work intentively with all projects.

Mark Hammond, Software Controls Manager

Mark Hammond joined Conveyor Services Ltd with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, and coming from an electromechanical background, he is ideally suited to work with our customers on all aspects of their projects from concept to completion. Over the years Mark has worked on hundreds of projects ranging in size from individual conveyors to large warehouse systems, as well as recently developing the software for a UK based airport baggage handling system.

Stephanie Allen, Administration Manager

Stephanie Allen is Conveyor Services Ltd's Administration manager and as first point of contact for business clients her aim is to ensure a professional and business-like approach to all matters, at all times. Stephanie’s main focus of the job is to ensure that every Client is fully satisfied with our services and any queries are resolved immediately.